What is IRL streaming on Twitch?

Twitch is one of the biggest video game streaming platforms. It’s also considered one of the most popular websites in the world (ranking at number 9 with 150 million unique visitors each month). Twitch offers an opportunity for users to stream anything they like, but there are some restrictions on what can be shown.

For example, pornography and illegal activity are not allowed on the service, even if it’s done off-site; all streams need to comply with copyright law; promotion or glorification of self-harm or drug abuse is prohibited; content that may scare or distress children is not suitable for broadcast; sexually suggestive content featuring minors isn’t permitted; etc.

IRL streaming

But apart from these rules, there is still much freedom regarding what you can broadcast. While some streamers play games, others prefer to share their everyday lives with the world (that’s where IRL streaming comes into play).

IRL is an acronym for In Real Life. It means that people from all around the world can watch you when you’re out of your home doing whatever it is that you do. This includes going to work, school, university or just hanging out with friends. For example, there are some exceptions in which a streamer cannot broadcast them going about their daily life: they have to temporarily disable this function if they want to use a bathroom in private or if they’re visiting a doctor.

While IRL streams may seem overwhelming and even scary for some people who aren’t familiar with Twitch, in reality, it’s a very safe and fun way to interact with a community of thousands/millions of people.

There is no limit regarding what you can broadcast on IRL, but many streamers share their everyday lives by showing themselves eating, shopping online, cooking, doing household tasks, or going out with friends. In some cases, they may even go live without broadcasting anything at all! If someone wants to enjoy the moment instead of constantly checking the chat window for reactions from viewers then this is a great way to do it. It’s also worth mentioning that not all IRL streamers are just sitting in front of their computers while there’s a camera attached to them: most of them walk around the house or go outside if they have a couple of hours free time (but not all of them since there are some lazy streamers out there).

As previously mentioned, IRL streaming is a very popular option for Twitch users, but it’s still unknown to many people who’ve never tried watching an IRL before. If you want to give this type of content a chance then keep reading because in the following paragraphs we’ll discuss the best ways to watch and interact with a streamer while they’re going about their daily life.

The first step is to find a streamer that broadcasts themselves going about their daily life (some websites help people discover new IRLs by showing which ones have been active lately or by allowing users to sort them according to their language, how long they’ve been broadcasting for etc…). While there are many great IRL streamers out there, some of them can’t be missed if you want to watch this type of content.

IRL streamers on twitch

For example, EatMyDiction1 is loved by all her viewers because she has an amazing personality and people feel like they’re watching a close friend instead of just a stranger on the internet showing what’s happening in their life through a camera. Another great IRL streamer is Shmehao, who makes us laugh with his funny voice mails that he leaves for his mother (he also posts pictures on Twitter so we can get to know him better). However, not everyone wants to watch someone randomly going about their daily life: some people prefer famous Twitch personalities such as Forsen, who also has an IRL where he shows us what he does when he’s not playing Hearthstone.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of a particular IRL streamer or not: everyone can find something interesting to watch on Twitch thanks to the wide variety of content that’s available. From someone going about their daily life while they comment on everything that’s happening to a famous personality going live even when they’re sick, there is something for everyone. So why don’t you give IRL streaming a chance and discover some amazing people?