How to watch deleted twitch streams

There are a few different ways you can go about watching a deleted twitch stream, but the surest way is to download it. If you have the link to a deleted twitch stream and want to download it, keep reading! I will explain how you can download a twitch video from any channel.

I will be using Vidble as an example for this post because its interface is pretty self-explanatory.


You should know that there are no guarantees that what you’re looking for will be found due to DMCA take-downs by twitch.

First of all, load up Vidble in your web browser and search for the game or category that you are looking for. You should click Stream Key if it is an individual streamer or select Non-Partnered for streams that are not partnered with any company/brand.

Afterward, enter in the channel name of the twitch account you want to watch a deleted twitch video from, and then click Search. If it does not come up in Vidble’s search engine, then there is nothing that can be done to watch that video anymore. It has either been deleted by the owner of the Twitch account or taken down due to DMCA takedowns.

If it does come up in their search engine, however, click on it and proceed to check out all of its stats! All things said and done at this point, how do you download a twitch video? Click the Download button that is located on the top right corner of your screen.

Make sure you’re downloading at 720p because quality-wise it will look better than if you were to download lower resolutions. The only other option I would recommend changing is possibly turning off annotations under settings. This might make it easier for you to watch the stream without any kind of advertisements popping up every minute or so which can be distracting and annoying!

Afterward, once it’s finished downloading (it should only take a few minutes) open VLC Media Player (I’ve heard people mention that this works with other media players as well but not 100% confident in that). Drag your downloaded Twitch video into VLC and let it load.

Afterward, you can click on the Play button on your VLC media player to watch the deleted Twitch stream that you have just downloaded. Again, there are no guarantees that what you’re looking for will be found due to DMCA takedowns by twitch. if it’s not working, try another video downloader like Keepvid. If it still doesn’t work, or if you want something faster and more efficient without having to download anything at all then you should consider watching Twitch streams directly through your web browser via Streamlink and enabling night mode!

This works with almost every single game ever made!

Note: Vidble is only available in the United States of America right now & currently does not support the download of videos longer than 15 minutes.

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Go check it out and see what you can find! If the stream you’re looking for is deleted then there’s not much you can do to watch it, unless as mentioned above you download it before deleting it. If the streamer has only just started streaming and their channel is not indexed yet on Vidble, or if they have already been live for a few hours and their videos are still processing, then your search will come up with no results (and also refrain from using the chat because this causes more unnecessary spam).