How to stream PS3 gameplay on Twitch

Most would agree that the PS3 is an ‘old’ console now. It’s been around for over ten years! But it still has a huge following and many people still buy games for it. If you have found yourself as one of those people, then this guide might be useful to you. Here will find easy steps to help start streaming your gameplay on Twitch.

If you have ever streamed anything before, just skip through these steps as they are pretty basic stuff that everyone should know already.

stream PS3 gameplay on Twitch

1) Find a suitable streaming program – there are a few out there just choose which best suits you; don’t worry though I’ll mention some more shortly. Here’s what I use (note: these are all free):

Open Broadcaster Software – This one is open-source software, which means it’s free to download, doesn’t nag with popups or anything like that. There is also a paid version that gives you more functions but the free version works fine for me. OBS does support Mac if you’re running that but keep in mind there may be fewer features available.

XSplit Gamecaster – This is my second favorite piece of streaming software, this has slightly better audio quality than OBS and also allows you to stream live directly onto YouTube at the same time as your Twitch stream (allowing for cross-platform promotion). It does however cost money and can get quite pricey (£9-£30) depending on how long you subscribe. That being said it is the only streaming software that currently supports Mac properly so if you are on Mac this is what I would recommend.

Wirecast – This is also another piece of good quality software, but since Gamecaster’s audio quality is better it’s not something you should consider. Also, note that Wirecast can be quite expensive (£48 to £299).

2) Join Twitch – Sign up, it’s free! I already have an account because it was needed for me to make my YouTube channel, but setting one up now won’t be a problem at all.

3) Start streaming! Once you have downloaded your chosen streaming program (I use OBS), set up your stream by entering your settings as you usually would. Once that’s done, click ‘start streaming’ and wait for your viewers to join.

4) Record footage – This is very important if you want to take advantage of YouTube later on down the line, but there are a few ways to do it: Use any screen recording software (I use Camtasia), this is a simple way of recording your gameplay even if you’re not planning on streaming it too. Just play the game normally and record at the same time, then upload anything you’re happy with onto YouTube.

If you have another PC or laptop I recommend using that instead of your gaming machine. Some games can be heavy which means they will run slowly or even crash on lower-powered devices so I recommend using another machine if possible. If you don’t have access to another PC then use the inbuilt recorder that comes with most game consoles (if it has one) or just record footage from your ps3/Xbox/Wii etc.

5) Set up a YouTube channel – Setting up a YouTube channel is simple, just sign-up and wait for them to verify you’re not a robot. After that’s done, create an upload and select ‘Film Clips’ as your chosen video type. To get the best-looking clips I recommend going into settings and changing the frame rate to 30fps. That being said getting a perfect frame rate isn’t always easy so you might have to mess around a bit to get it right. If you messed up, don’t worry just upload the video and then highlight it again in your Video Manager, choose ‘Advanced Settings’ and then change it back to 30fps or whatever you want.

youtube channel streaming

6) Promote yourself – This is one of the most important parts. If nobody knows you’re on Twitch they can’t find you. There are a few simple ways to promote yourself and make money on Twitch. Add a link to your YouTube channel at the end of each stream so that people know where else to find you. Take a screenshot from a good moment during the game and upload it onto, add some text saying something like “Watch me live @ www….com” and post it everywhere! Make sure you put your Twitch link in the text instead of your YouTube one; this is because you want people to follow your stream and not necessarily be subscribed (although it is nice). Add a link to your stream on any forums you’re active on, or even just leave it as an un-clickable profile.

Add links into Minecraft videos that will create automatic links wherever you type them! Some great tools for this are Automatic, Movie Maker FX, Super Leet Bot, and HyperCam 2. This makes it extremely easy to promote yourself using whatever device you have.

7) Profit! – Once all of the above has been done there’s nothing for it but to sit back and wait for your viewers to join. This can take a long time depending on how you choose to advertise but it’s worth it, trust me! If you’re using Gamecaster then one good way of boosting your numbers is by getting in touch with whoever runs the live streaming section of whatever game you want to play and ask if they’d like you to try out their new software and share/talk about it when playing, they may even be able to offer prizes for doing so.