How to see who’s following you on Twitch

The most important thing in being popular on Twitch is having an audience. But how do you get an audience? Well, the obvious answer is to stream your favorite game, but what if there was a way that would have people watching you before you even start streaming?

Well, my friends, I have some good news for you. You can see who follows you on twitch before you even start making money streaming! All these needs are for viewers to be logged into their twitch accounts when they are viewing your channel.

who’s following you on Twitch

This means that after someone has watched one of your VODs (videos on demand) they will show up in the list of followers under the “followers” tab on your twitch account. This works for any videos on demand, even if they aren’t your own. I managed to find out people who follow me on Twitch, and look at all the viewers of my most popular video on YouTube! This is sure to help you build up your audience!

All you have to do is start broadcasting video games on Twitch using the right software (even ones you’re not good at), then when someone watches that video, they will show up under the list of followers in your stream URL. Once they are following it’s easy for them to catch all your new VODs by using the notifications setting in their twitch account.

Once you begin hosting a stream on Twitch often, don’t forget to thank every follower with a follow in return! This will make them feel special, and increase the chances that they will continue watching your channel. If people are viewing regularly, you could even ask them for donations.