How to make money streaming on Twitch

So you want to make money streaming on Twitch? I know the feeling.

You see all these other streamers making bank, but no matter how hard you try it just seems that something is missing for you to reach that point.

Well here are some pointers for you on getting more viewers on your channel and on how to get started with monetizing your channel. First off let’s go over the things you will need before even thinking about getting partnered with Twitch.

twitch financial freedom

– A decent computer capable of running games at a decent FPS without lagging too much.

– A stable internet connection capable of 20 Mbps download speed minimum.

– Good quality webcam and microphone.

– All necessary software installed to stream (Xsplit, OBS).

– A twitch account with a verified e-mail address.

There are many other things you would need, but if you are lacking in any of these go out and get them before even trying to become a partner. So once you have all the necessary tools it’s time to look at how Twitch Partners make money. There are two main ways that you can earn money while streaming on Twitch.

The first is through ads displayed at the top of the screen which will cost viewers $5 per 1000 views or 5 cents per view. Now I know what you’re thinking “how do I get anyone to watch my stream long enough that they pay me $5”. This is where it gets interesting. You see not everyone will want to watch your stream for 3+ hours straight. However, there is a whole other section of the population that just wants to get through their workday, and one of the best ways they do this is by watching streams.

I’m talking about businesses, companies, and corporations that need to keep employees working while also keeping them entertained so that productivity isn’t lost. This market could be called “measured entertainment”. It works out great for the viewer and you as a streamer because instead of having to pay someone $5 per 1000 views you can be paid $0.07-$0.30 depending on how many viewers you have in a month from these measured entertainment channels.

The way it works out is that the company has an account manager who pays twitch for ads to be displayed on your stream. The advertiser will pay you $0.10-$0.30 per hour watched every month, so if you had 100 viewers watching 2 hours a day that’s 10-20 dollars a day which is a pretty nice cash flow for playing video games 5 days a week for 3-4 hours.

The other way to make money streaming PS3 gameplay on Twitch is through subscriptions which cost the viewer either $5 or $10 depending on how long you want them for. These will not only allow the viewer to have access to restricted content but will also contribute a portion of each sub to your monthly payment at twitch which is currently $4.99 or 9.99 respectively.

Now if you are on the fence about whether you want to go this route it’s worth considering that one single sub can provide enough income over time, especially with multiple viewers per day, to offset the costs of streaming 5 days a week without ads providing some pretty nice passive income.
How to build your viewership and make more money

So now that we have covered how streamers make money let’s talk about some ways you can build up your viewership so that Twitch has more reason to consider partnering with you and giving you an ad-revenue share deal.

Well first off you can just tell your friends to check you out and watch but that’s not too effective. When starting off watching the big streamers is your best bet, they will have their links in their description, and if they are partnered it’s likely twitch will notify them of new viewers which means they will be more inclined to keep you around.

Next, I would say posting flyers or stickers on public message boards like Reddit could help because people like free things like watching channels for 3 hours a day AND make money doing it at the same time.

make money streaming on Twitch

Another way to do this is by asking local businesses if they would be interested in having you stream live from their store during certain times of day when it gets slow (if nothing else this is a good way to build up a community and get your name out there as a streamer as well as some free advertisement for the shops).

Some other places you could reach out to are our local arcades or restaurants. You can also give shout-outs during games, have cool giveaways, and create events where viewers have to meet certain criteria to win a prize (the more people watching the better the prize of course).

I hope this blog post helps show what it takes to make money streaming on twitch and that if you put in the effort you will be successful.