How much is 100 gifted subs on twitch

The first thing to note is that I am not talking about how much 100 subs will be on, but rather how much it costs to gift sub on If you would like to get the information on this post, keep reading.

When you gift a sub to someone on, the person gifting pays $4.99 for that one gifted sub, and then it is given to the streamer being gifted too. So if a scammer claims to have 100 Gifted subs and they want money from you for them, then all they have is 1 Gifted Sub and 99 subs that are not gifted at all!

100 gifted subs on twitch

So now that we’ve established how much a regular gifted sub costs, I’m going to mention some websites where you can buy multiple subs as gifts for people as well as other things such as games, etc.

The first website I am going to mention is called Fanatical where you will be able to purchase anything from 50 gifted subs for $99.99, which is only $0.20 per sub!

Another website where you can buy multiple subs as gifts is called Humble Bundle. I’m not sure of the exact prices, but it looks like they sell them in lots of 10 for around $8 each (so $80 total).

We now know how much one Gifted Sub costs and we also know that some people like to purchase multiple gifted subs as an investment or as Christmas Presents etc. The next thing we need to cover is what happens if someone asks you for money to gift them a sub on Twitch? Well firstly don’t do it because all this person is doing is trying to scam you. If they are asking you for money so they can gift sub on Twitch, then all they have is one Gifted Sub and 99 subs that are not gifted at all!

By the way just thought I’d share this little tip with you guys that if someone asks you for money for gifted sub on twitch, then all they’re doing is trying to scam you. If someone says “send me $X through PayPal and I will gift a sub” then what they’re saying/doing is asking you to send them $X as a donation (and 1-time payment) which will allow them to receive ad revenue from their stream instead of that cash going into their pocket or PayPal account. Here is a quick and easy way of checking if someone is lying or not: If they claim to be doing something for free (gifted sub on twitch), but then say “send me $X via PayPal and I’ll do it”, then all they’re asking you for is money which will help them earn ad revenue from their Twitch channel. By telling you that they want cash, then this tells us that the reason why they’re giving away the sub/don’t want any money in return is that what they’re offering has no intrinsic value.

An example of a scammer trying to get you to pay for a Gifted Sub:

Please remember that there are many people out there who are in need, so please only donate to someone if you have money/items/subs to spare. Try and spread the wealth instead of taking it all for yourself!

Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list and I may have missed some companies, but if I did then just leave a comment below and I’ll look at adding them into the article.

Also, just because they’re on here, doesn’t mean they’re 100% guaranteed safe because all websites can get hacked or scammers can use them as well (but these should be pretty good).

I hope that this article has helped you with your query of how much is 100 gifted sub on twitch. Also remember that just because someone appears to be doing something for free (100 Gifted Subs), doesn’t mean it’s free and people should use common sense! People will try and scam you when they know there is money involved (gifting subs) or because they’re lazy etc.