How to get 1 million viewers on Twitch

1 million twitch viewers

The goal of this article is to teach you, the aspiring Twitch streamer, how to grow your channel and get 1 million viewers on Twitch. A few things before we get started: Twitch has millions of users, so it’s highly unlikely that you will ever be the most viewed user on Twitch or that you…

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How much is 100 gifted subs on twitch

100 gifted subs on twitch

The first thing to note is that I am not talking about how much 100 subs will be on, but rather how much it costs to gift sub on If you would like to get the information on this post, keep reading. When you gift a sub to someone on, the person…

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How to stream PS3 gameplay on Twitch

stream PS3 gameplay on Twitch

Most would agree that the PS3 is an ‘old’ console now. It’s been around for over ten years! But it still has a huge following and many people still buy games for it. If you have found yourself as one of those people, then this guide might be useful to you. Here will find easy…

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How to make money streaming on Twitch

make money streaming on Twitch

So you want to make money streaming on Twitch? I know the feeling. You see all these other streamers making bank, but no matter how hard you try it just seems that something is missing for you to reach that point. Well here are some pointers for you on getting more viewers on your channel…

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How to see who’s following you on Twitch

who’s following you on Twitch

The most important thing in being popular on Twitch is having an audience. But how do you get an audience? Well, the obvious answer is to stream your favorite game, but what if there was a way that would have people watching you before you even start streaming? Well, my friends, I have some good…

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Can you stream emulators on Twitch

stream emulators on Twitch

Many people love watching other people play games. Sometimes, it’s even more fun to watch a high-level player give their input on an upcoming major release or provide strategies and tips for difficult challenges in current releases. With the ability to stream live gameplay via, let’s discuss if you can stream emulators with any…

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What is IRL streaming on Twitch?

IRL streaming

Twitch is one of the biggest video game streaming platforms. It’s also considered one of the most popular websites in the world (ranking at number 9 with 150 million unique visitors each month). Twitch offers an opportunity for users to stream anything they like, but there are some restrictions on what can be shown. For…

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