Where Hunters Are Welcome?


I’d like to share with you one of America’s best-kept secrets. During this past summer I had the opportunity to perform my archery act in a little town called Medora in North Dakota, located not far from the Little Missouri River in the heart of the Dakota Badlands. This small, historically preserved town, with a population of a mere 92, is probably virtually unknown to anyone living in New York or L.A., Dallas or Detroit, or even Memphis or Miami. If, however, your domicile is anywhere in the bordering states of Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming or even Saskatchewan or Manitoba, Canada, then the very mention of Medora, North Dakota, conjures up visions of America’s past when the spirited settlers from the east set out across uncharted lands on their journey westward, passing through the often hostile badlands of the Dakotas.

It was the strategic location of the Dakota Badlands that, in 1883, attracted the French nobleman the Marquis de Mores, whose vision of creating a great meat-packing empire drew him to the area. He believed that slaughtering beef on the range was more expedient than shipping live cattle to distant slaughtering houses. The Badlands were chosen because of the abundance of range grasses, a reliable source of water from the Little Missouri River and ready access to the Northern Pacific Railroad. Arriving with his young bride, Medora, in the spring of 1883, the 25-year-old nobleman founded the town of Medora, which he named after his attractive wife.

The pristine beauty of the surrounding area and its unique topography soon attracted Theodore Roosevelt, who later became the 26th president of the United States. Though originally motivated by an abundance of wild game, Roosevelt–a hunting enthusiast–later became involved in the cattle business and established the Maltese Cross Ranch and the Elkhorn Cattle Ranch, 35 miles north of Medora. An active outdoorsman and big-game hunter, Roosevelt spent much of his leisure time hunting deer and elk in the untouched wilderness that surrounded the town. Visit http://besthuntingcenter.com/best-trail-game-camera-reviews/ to choose right trail camera and hunting gears.

On April 25, 1947, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park was established on the outskirts of Medora, and it now stands as a living monument honoring the late conservation-minded president. In 1958, the Burning Hills Amphitheatre was constructed within a mile of the town, and each year thereafter an outdoor musical with a Theodore Roosevelt theme has been enacted nightly from mid-June through Labor Day weekend. This unique musical has continued to gain in popularity, and it now draws hundreds of thousands of people from the bordering states and Canada. Continue reading »

Would It Surprise You To Find A Place Where No One Has An Attitude About Hunting?

There is a place where hunters are welcome, where men in camouflage clothing and orange hats aren’t scrutinized, where the coffee pot is always on and passing cars merit a friendly wave. It is in this Oz-like land, where the most wondrous of events take places Wildlife is plentiful, the land and sky are spectacular and the people are friendly and accommodating. No, you haven’t died and gone to hunting heaven; you’ve arrived in North Dakota. Welcome.


I first viewed the prairies of North Dakota as a boy of ten, rolling toward the Badlands in an old Buick with mother and grandmother at the helm and a pile of kids in the back. The women had lived in North Dakota, and they knew what to expect out of the long roads and low skies, but I was fascinated by the newness of the tall grass prairie, sweeping vistas and meadow lark songs. We saw sharp-tailed grouse standing on the shoulders of the long highway, and once we even struck several of the “prairie chickens,” as seven or eight of the birds made a headlong dash in front of the speeding Buick. Chicken soup.

I was to cross the vast prairie many more times by train and car, but it wasn’t until much later that I realized what made North Dakota such a special hunting ground. Continue reading »

The Choice of the Baseball Bat

With the softball, people often see softball bat reviews before choosing to purchase a bat. With the baseball, for the youth, in what way can they select the baseball one? There has got used to being an easy question in the previous time when you only needed to survey the majority of kinds of Louisville Slugger was the most common. Nonetheless, time to time, the exclusive production of the baseball bat like the wooden bat was no longer.

Nowadays, there are a large number of manufacturers and countless baseball bats with a variety of components. Consequently, you need to know what you are purchasing so as to determine which the best baseball bat is.

The kind of the baseball bats

When mentioning to the baseball bat, there are three available types, which are aluminum, titanium (graphite), and wood. Before giving the decision, let’s try considering every type with both the advantages and the disadvantages that are associated with each other.

  • First of all, aluminum has light-weight, so baseball bats are made from this material that allows the athletes to enhance in controlling the bat and hitting the bat through the zone. This one can be considered as the most beneficial to age players. On the contrary, younger players only use for learning the basic hitting.

the choice of the baseball

On the bat barrel, the variety of mixtures of copper, zinc, aluminum, and magnesium help increase the size of the sweet zone of the bat. Beyond that, due to that, the bat is more forgiving of swinging. There is also the place that the contact with the ball does not complete. In comparison with the traditional baseball bats, these bats have tended to make the ball moving 5 percent.

  • With titanium (graphite) material, these baseball bats are a section of aluminum that is replaced by an amount of titanium (graphite) around the bat barrel. Therefore, the aluminum bat is lighter and slighter. In addition, the controlling bat is enhanced. Furthermore, the bat speed is also increased through the hitting area.

The titanium lining also helps increase the durability of the baseball bat. There is also the purpose of the manufacturers, but this one can lead to the undoing of the bat. Because of these ones, they become concerns of both the pitchers and the infielders.

A few of colleges and leagues have started to ban the use of some types of bats because they are dangerous. Consequently, it needs to ensure the bat that is allowed using before spending $300 – $400 for the bat.

  • It can say that the wooden bat is a main bat of the baseball. Frequently, it is made from the hickory, ash, maple, or the combination of the bamboo. Generally, the hitter will be received the great options of taper and barrel from the wooden bat; especially, it is cheaper than the composite bats. Like that, you can save an expense to utilize for other purposes.

Fewer people know that the composite bats have a big flaw, but the wooden bats do not have. They need to be broken in properly as well as a new pair of gloves also is broken before using. Continue reading »

Tips to warming up well before softball games

Tips to warming up well before softball games

In softball or any other sports, warming up before a game is vital. Especially in softball, it can make good pitching performance. However, it does not purely mean loosening muscles and doing a little amount of warming up may help you play much better. The warming up process depends on the pitcher, his age, and the kinds of pitches he throws. Therefore, the warming time alters from 15 minutes to 1 hour. For example, a schoolboy pitcher could be well prepared to play just after some minutes warming up. But for professional softball players, they had better take 30 – 45 minutes or even more time in order to get ready before starting the game.

It is essential that pitchers do a warm-up schedule that comprises stretching, hitting, throwing and fielding before entering the field for the match. On the other hand, the order of these workouts is not so necessary vital, so each team’s program can be designed in a different way.

A workout session lasts 30 minutes is highly suggested for most high school pitchers with a range of 3 or more pitches. Pitchers who are younger may do a warm-up session in about 15 minutes. Below is an example of warm-up routine for softball players in a team:

  • Start warming up with your usual catcher if possible. He must understand what is happening, and what pitches you are throwing precisely.
  • There is a myth that practice make faultless, but it does not.  Perfect practice makes faultless.  Take your warm-up in a serious way.  Avoid making mistakes around, and don’t get unfocused in other talks that would make you lose your attention.
  • Do your warm-up as close to exercises or matches time as possible.  But remember not to do it too closely.  You do not need to get warmed too quickly, then freshen and lose your sharpness in advance the match.  But then you should not also do warming-up routine too late. Because you will not have a sufficient time to get the whole thing loose and your pitches working.

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How to walk for exercise

Walking is one of the fundamental activities of human’s life, except for those physically handicapped. However, it does not mean walking properly is easy. In actuality, it is a complex process comprised of diverse stages and thus, requires quite a lot of efforts. Thanks to the acceleration in technological advances and scientific research, walking to attain good health has been greatly facilitated.

Choose Shoes to walk

You should decide on your shoes. Choose the ones that fit your feet and even helps enhance your walking performance. In addition, the choice of shoes also depends on the type of terrain that you are going to walk on and the weather in your walking location. Now, http://walkingshoescenter.net/best-walking-shoes-for-men/ will share with you how to choose the best walking shoes for all day!


Choose where to walk

Not every place is suitable for walking. The most common and appropriate places for walking are usually flat and devoid of human’s interferences of transportation. To begin with, you should opt for suck type of place. It can be your neighborhood, if yours is a quiet and peaceful one. It can be outside of your town, if it is your favorite location and you do not mind walking too far.

There are a few things to remember:

  • If you live close to rivers or lakes, take advantage of them as your preferred walking spots. They provide fresh air and good views, giving you a sense of relaxation during your walk.
  • Some cities have constructed roads that are specialized for walking and riding bikes only. Undertake your walk in these places to ensure your own safety and productivity.

Set realistic and attainable goals

Setting targets for your training depends heavily on the history of your previous physical activities. If you consider yourself to be active, you may set more challenging targets. Conversely, if you do not, aiming low is highly advisable.

As far as it is concerned, walking for exercise is a long-term process, in which participants need perseverance and the right attitude. In that case, be realistic. You cannot achieve a positive outcome immediately after a few times of trying. Bear in mind that patience plays a pivotal role in your training.choose-shoes

Keep records of your walking process

Following the pace of your training allows you to determine which method is the most suitable and how long it will take till you acquire a desirable result. You can catch up with your training through the act of keeping a notebook or a calendar.

Get plenty of water prior to your walk

There is universally approved advice among marathon professionals that getting an adequate amount of water is a crucial step before you go for a stroll. This is not an exception to the amateur walkers. You are strongly suggested to have a sufficient intake of fluid to brace yourself better for the walk and minimize the possibility of dehydration. Two important points to remember are as follows:

  • Do not take in an excessive amount of water. It might backfire and lead to a decline in your walking performance, since you will have to take pauses to urinate.
  • Outfit yourself with a bottle of water so as to remain in good condition during the whole walk.

Set a time

First of all, anticipate how long your walk will last. For first-time walkers, an average of 4 minutes is favorable. You should always remind yourself that distance is not the primary key to walking. It is, to be more precise, a matter of time needed for your walk. Once you have familiarized yourself with this pace, the range of your personal experience will also be expanded, meaning it is the time to speed the process.

Increase the pace and try different walking locations

If you like challenges and do not want to be confined to only one walking spot, try other places. Diverse walking locations will provide you with a wide array of drills and a sense of self-achievement.



Half marathon training guide for walking

Compared with full marathon training, a half marathon training is more favorable, in which it requires participants to expend less time. Without a doubt, the benefits of it are tremendous. It gives all members a sense of excitement, as well as enables them to envisage their training plans and motivates them to attain the ultimate goal.

A brief insight into half marathon training

Prior to your training, an evaluation of your physical capabilities is necessary. It is a 12-week program. Members should walk on average 3 times, each of which lasts for half an hour. If you see yourself as under this bar, you need to train harder.Half-marathon-training-guide-for-walking

Consistency plays a pivotal part in the way to your training’s success. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you incorporate this into your daily life. Any pauses might interfere with your process and will render the whole marathon futile. By and large, you need to assure yourself that you will engage regularly in your training.

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You know how about the best baby swing

To buying the best products for your baby, it is not easy because nowadays there are a lot of imitations of well-known manufacturers. On the market you can find the baby items so much. It is better to buy products of babies at the big shops or the highly reputable shops.

One of the baby items is the baby swing. This device is very important for your baby sleep. That is the reason which parents want to buy the best baby swing to ensure the deeply sleep for baby. You should know that the baby swings have many sizes, models, colors, shapes as well as prices therefore you must choose a suitable one and baby swing age. If your baby is 3 months, 6 months or 1 year old you must buy a baby swing age with him. At that time, your baby will feel comfortable and safe when sleeping in it. In addition, many other features of the best baby swing will introduce in this article. I think that you will know more how about the best baby swing after reading information below.

4 important criteria of the best baby swing

Surely the best baby swing will have some elements which customers can evaluate about it through some features. They will base on four following criteria of a baby swing to know it is good or not. Continue reading »

How to enhance the resistance for baby

In our life, many people even the elderly still think that to enhancing the baby’s resistance must add Vitamin C. Therefore, they have a habit of feeding or drinking a lot of fruits which those fruits are rich in vitamin C such as orange, lemon, tangerines…. However, is it right? To understand this issue clearly I will introduce how to enhance the resistance for baby in this writing. I hope young mothers will have more knowledge to take care of their babies besides the elderly will know that their thoughts are true or false ago.

Many recent researches have shown that vitamin C did not help to increase the resistance for body, vitamin C does not also help to prevent the flu or decrease rapidly the baby disease as we have said in the last few decades even using vitamin C with high doses can cause of diarrhea.

Some foods actually help to strengthen the resistance to babies

1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. Maybe you already know that these organisms live in the gut and they have the ability to improve the digestion. Not only that they also play an important role in helping your body to fight the disease. One study showed that babies who use yogurt to have the risks for colds, ear infections and sore throat lower 19% than the babies not used.

2. Oats, wheat

To enhance the resistance to the baby, mothers do not forget oat because it contains beta- glucan – a fiber with antibacterial and antioxidant and strengthen the immune system. You can give oats and wheat for your baby about 3 times a week. Continue reading »

Some great uses of orange for the babies

In our life, many parents buy orange to make orange juice for babies because they think that this fruit has a lot of benefits for health. However, many people only know drinking orange juice will increase the body’s resistance so if someone has the problem of health such as: cough, flu, tiredness …..They will drink or eat orange. And they also apply this thinking for babies’ health. Actually, orange has other uses which we can know after reading this article.

We can buy this fruit very easily and its price is not expensive so most of people can enjoy it. You can drink orange juice or eat it. It is really delicious. You will know more about this fruit especially you will learn some great uses of orange for the babies.

Three great uses of orange for the babies

Treatment of cough

  • Firstly, orange need to be washed then you cut off a part of the top orange of the stalk. After that you should add about one spoon of salt. You use a chopstick to mixing with salt and orange together.

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Find out the advantages of regularly clean the helmets and teach to wash them in right way

Helmet is the daily object closely to us. But not many people know and consider that if they have use the helmet for a long time but have not cleaned their helmets, it will cause discomfort feeling such as: odor, itchy scalp, plastered hair…

clean helmet


1. So you need to remember to regularly wash your top motorbike helmet to clean the dirt, bacteria and mold built-up, because it is the causative agent for your scalp.

The helmet when you wear will obturate your head so in the hot weather like this summer, it will make your scalp more sweating, sebaceous glands stimulated to secrete more causes “breathing troubles” to the hairline and scalp. Who often have to wear the helmet as motorcycle riders, delivery staffs, construction workers … will be at risk of fungal scalp more than people who have the low frequency and short duration of wearing the helmet. Wearing it many times, the inner lining of the helmet will be dirty and dusty; it is place the bacteria accumulate, so you must regularly clean the helmet, averaging 2 weeks/ times.

Like clothes, no one can wear them in continually several days without washing anything. The helmet also has to be washed with soap or other types of dedicated solutions.

So this article will provide you the way to clean the helmets in general and the ¾ helmets or full-face helmets in particular. Let’s try doing these steps of us below!

hơ to clean helmet

Here are how to clean the helmet:

  • Step 1: You must know the method to disassemble and assemble the parts on your helmet when buying a helmet.
  • Step 2: Disassemble each detachable part of the helmet (For examples: The glass, the protecting detail for your nose, the cheek buffer).
  • Step 3: Pour the shampoo into the pot and dissolve it by clean water. You ought to use the shampoo because it will be good for your health and for your helmet, avoid the types with more detergents such as dishwashing liquid or laundry soap.
  • Step 4: Use a hose to water into the helmet in order to reduce the dust
  • Step 5: Next is wetting the inner lining layer. Soak the helmet in the soapy water pot just mixed in about 10 minutes to reject the dirt clinging inside the foam layer.
  • Step 6: Use your fingers to lightly squeeze the foam parts inside the helmet so that the soap can be effective or use the brush to scrub it gently.
  • Step 7: Rinse the helmet again with clean water to clean the soap.
  • Step 8: Exposure the helmet to drain in the dry places having the sunlight.

Another method to disinfect that helmet is spraying an antiseptic solution or using the UV light. To be simpler, you only need to overturn the helmet and exposure outside under the sun, every 2-3 days you bring the helmet out to dry for 15 minutes and then bring back inside, because exposure in long time can affect the outer plastic shell of the helmet.

In addition, you should not use the same helmet with others; let’s consider it as personal items such as towels, drinking glasses… Moreover, do not use the helmet when your hair is still wet. When selecting to buy a helmet, you need to check if the helmet has the vents or not, besides, you should to choose the inner lining fabric that is able to wick the sweat in order not to make your hair plastered.

2. So are the helmets for bicycles, you could clean them frequently. But, because the helmets for bikes are the half-face types with the expanded vents, they are cool, airy and rarely affect your scalp.