Find out the advantages of regularly clean the helmets and teach to wash them in right way

Helmet is the daily object closely to us. But not many people know and consider that if they have use the helmet for a long time but have not cleaned their helmets, it will cause discomfort feeling such as: odor, itchy scalp, plastered hair…

clean helmet


1. So you need to remember to regularly wash your top motorbike helmet to clean the dirt, bacteria and mold built-up, because it is the causative agent for your scalp.

The helmet when you wear will obturate your head so in the hot weather like this summer, it will make your scalp more sweating, sebaceous glands stimulated to secrete more causes “breathing troubles” to the hairline and scalp. Who often have to wear the helmet as motorcycle riders, delivery staffs, construction workers … will be at risk of fungal scalp more than people who have the low frequency and short duration of wearing the helmet. Wearing it many times, the inner lining of the helmet will be dirty and dusty; it is place the bacteria accumulate, so you must regularly clean the helmet, averaging 2 weeks/ times.

Like clothes, no one can wear them in continually several days without washing anything. The helmet also has to be washed with soap or other types of dedicated solutions.

So this article will provide you the way to clean the helmets in general and the ¾ helmets or full-face helmets in particular. Let’s try doing these steps of us below!

hơ to clean helmet

Here are how to clean the helmet:

  • Step 1: You must know the method to disassemble and assemble the parts on your helmet when buying a helmet.
  • Step 2: Disassemble each detachable part of the helmet (For examples: The glass, the protecting detail for your nose, the cheek buffer).
  • Step 3: Pour the shampoo into the pot and dissolve it by clean water. You ought to use the shampoo because it will be good for your health and for your helmet, avoid the types with more detergents such as dishwashing liquid or laundry soap.
  • Step 4: Use a hose to water into the helmet in order to reduce the dust
  • Step 5: Next is wetting the inner lining layer. Soak the helmet in the soapy water pot just mixed in about 10 minutes to reject the dirt clinging inside the foam layer.
  • Step 6: Use your fingers to lightly squeeze the foam parts inside the helmet so that the soap can be effective or use the brush to scrub it gently.
  • Step 7: Rinse the helmet again with clean water to clean the soap.
  • Step 8: Exposure the helmet to drain in the dry places having the sunlight.

Another method to disinfect that helmet is spraying an antiseptic solution or using the UV light. To be simpler, you only need to overturn the helmet and exposure outside under the sun, every 2-3 days you bring the helmet out to dry for 15 minutes and then bring back inside, because exposure in long time can affect the outer plastic shell of the helmet.

In addition, you should not use the same helmet with others; let’s consider it as personal items such as towels, drinking glasses… Moreover, do not use the helmet when your hair is still wet. When selecting to buy a helmet, you need to check if the helmet has the vents or not, besides, you should to choose the inner lining fabric that is able to wick the sweat in order not to make your hair plastered.

2. So are the helmets for bicycles, you could clean them frequently. But, because the helmets for bikes are the half-face types with the expanded vents, they are cool, airy and rarely affect your scalp.

Things to consider choosing the best above ground pool

If there is an above ground pool as a gift, your family will enjoy at anywhere in the water whether indoors or outdoors. Even, the swimming pool is very convenient to be easy to fold, easily inflatable and can be stored neatly so as to bring them along your trip in the weekend camping with the family. Today, will share with parents how to choose the best above ground pool to enjoy in summer days!

1. The origin.

Choose a pool with clear origin in order to be assured of quality, style can also be instructed to choose reasonably. On the other hand, you can also get the best preferential regimes such as product warranty and after sales service for the product… Also, the refund mode is also very good if your baby is not accidentally happy with the pool or there is any mistake on the product or the sales policy, customer service are also better compared with the purchase of products rampantly on the market.

2. Material of the pool.

Material is also a determinant of pool age. Most, the materials of the pools are made of soft plastic material which can withstand the rain and sun, no exhaust valve angle to scratch the baby is also the factor to pay close attention to when choosing. You should pay attention to the paint on the surface to know whether or not it is sticky because it will affect the baby’s skin.

3. Design and capacity of the pool.

The average volume of the pool has lots of different capacity to suit with each and every member. Pool designs are varied and plentiful. There are many attractive designs such as circular pool, rectangular pool, two compartments complex pool, pool combined with a slider… Parents can choose for themselves the right pool to suite the most with their family and is also consistent with the interests of the family and their sweetheart.
Depend on the various demands to select the different shallow and depths. For example: for those families who buy a pool for children under 1 year old, you definitely have to select the line with small size, and those families choosing an above ground pool to allow the kids to swim, you should choose a pool with deep and broad size so that the baby can swim extensively. You should select a pool of 1.5 m width and more to be able to get enough distance for infant to do their swim exercises.

4. Tools for pumping air into the pool.

Pumper is the instrument enclosed with the pool. There are two types of pumper: pumper by hand and by machine. Hand pumps are fairly effortless and fatigue which are also possible for you to control the tension of pool. If pumping by the machine,it will be fast but you cannot control your stress level on the above ground pool because its capacity is too large, about 150W, to be able to keep the reliability for a longer time. On the other hand, for all kinds of pools that do not need to be inflatable, you should check the hardness, lack of safety because of the bad frame. You also need to check the drain hose to prevent leakage and inconvenient feeling when in use.

5. Price.

The price per pool can float from dozens to hundreds of dollar, because the origin of the above ground pool is rather diversity so that each class will have different rates and in accordance with each region. Depending on the family, on each of the components that can select a pool suit the utility and the needs of every hobby, the family size or for a baby to get the most suitable and efficient pool to play during the colorful summer.

The reasons why every kid needs a bike helmet when riding

Recently, riding is one of the most outdoor activities of children, which brings them many benefits in terms of health and entertainment. It not only makes kids healthier, enhance muscle, but also entertain them when you are busy and have no time to play with them. Because of such advantages, riding bikes has become more popular all over the world especially in Europe. However, there are still dangers existing in any kind of outdoor sports; therefore, being kid’s parents, you should pay much attention in your children’s safety. To protect kids from head injuries during riding bikes, you should equip a best toddler bike helmet for your kids. Because of benefit of helmets, making children wear helmet whenever they ride has become laws in many countries

Helmets protect children when they engage in riding

Helmets are considered as the most important equipment that parents need purchase for their kids. Of course, this piece has no utility of avoiding crashes, but it can reduce head injuries in case of unexpected accidents happen. .

It is obvious that head injuries are the most dangerous for bicyclists, they can be life -threatening and cause death. In fact, the number of kids suffers from head injuries is at an alarming rate. As a result, many parents very worry when they let their kids ride in the backyard and roads. To protect kids from harm, bike helmets for kids are available in the market. They are excellent equipment for all genders and all ages in general and for kids in particular. Many surveys release real statistics indicating that wearing a helmet help to reduce approximate 80 percent of head injuries.

  • Bike helmets for kids are available in shops

Not only because children are obliged to wear a helmet when riding bikes, but also because of the advantages of helmet in avoiding injuries, helmets are sold widely in the market. You can find a suitable one for your kid in many shops along roads. Or thanks to modern technology, shops online in some websites make you more convenient in buying a bike helmet for kids. You should respect your kid’s choice through let them see pictures of some samples of helmets and feel free to choose what they like. Continue reading »

Using the washing machine properly

The washing machine is an indispensable equipment in the modern family, this machine helps the housewives decrease a lot of works and they have more time to care family and themselves. But how to use the washing machine properly, not perishable and security it is very necessary for all users.



Currently, the market has quite a variety of washing machines with famous brands such as Sanyo, Electrolux, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG,…. Besides, depending on the machine and clothes you will choose a cleaning regime. The high-end fabrics such as silk should choose light cleaning; normal clothes fit mode, only thick clothes like: kaki, jean will use the strong cleaning mode. There are many problems around this tool but two basic factors which I think you must know including: how to use it in the first time and some important notes if you want to use the washing machine for several years.

How to use the washing machine in the first time

Reading carefully the guidebooks accompanied with the washing machine

Most of people think that they knew how to use it and it is very simple for using and they will skip the guidebook. It is a wrong thinking because you maybe use incorrectly. Therefore, your washing machine is very perishable and short time use. So you should read the instruction book before using with two following purposes: Continue reading »

How to build a home gym for the whole family?

Do you like sport? What sport is your hobby? Where do you go to play it? How long do you exercise a week? There are so many questions around the sport because exercising will bring a good health for us. That is the reason why nowadays a lot of people spend their time or try to arrange the time to play sport. The main purposes are for relaxing and getting the healthy. However many people like it too much and they can not arrange something to play sport frequently and they decide to build a gym for the whole family at home. That is a great idea. A gym in house will bring a lot of convenient for all of members in the family. I want to introduce to you how to build a gym at home. And I hope it will be very useful information to help you invest a nice gym for your family.



A gym in your house has a lot of benefits

Have you ever thought about investing in a home gym? Actually there are the different opinions about it but a home gym has two big benefits which no one can deny it such as:

  • There are many reasons for creating a home gym. For some people, they want to go to the sport clubs where they can meet some friends for learning and sharing a lot of things. It makes them feel happier than at home. However, for others there is a gym at home which means you can exercise at home anytime and you can control your children. Exercising at the outside will probably lose a lot of time to travel and spend your costs. So a gym in the house has a big convenient.
  • In additional, a home gym will give the opportunities to promote your potential exercising and help you maintain the regular physical.

Therefore, just a little ingenuity in the design as well as the arrangement you can absolutely get an exercising space in your house.

How to build a home gym for the whole family?

A small room should install some suitable exercise equipments like: a treadmill, a mini trampoline, a fixed bicycle, some fitness equipment…. It also depends on your investment for this room. Besides four following important elements contribute to make your home gym become more attractive in this small space: Continue reading »

Tips to use the air conditioner to protect the health of mother and baby in Winter

Today, many families use the air conditioner to have the good sleep. Some people have a habit to use it in four seasons. However, many people think that turning on the air conditioner with high temperature will affect to the health of mother and baby so much especially in Winter. Actually doctors have the different views on this issue. Thus, using air conditioners in Winter is good or not good for the health of mother and baby? In this writing I will give some useful tips for you.


Characteristics of Winter when using the air conditioner

  • In Winter the climate is often cool and high humidity in the air so you will have cold and runny nose. When you have a habit to use the air conditioning in the closed room you should adjust the reasonable temperature around 27 ~ 29 degrees Celsius to avoid the vagaries of weather and some diseases such as: cough, sore throat, bronchial diseases. Besides, you must wear long sleeves to keep warm for baby.
  • Do not use a humidifier or put the bowls of water into the room where having the air conditioner because it is too wet. Manufacturers were calculated to produce the moisture for conditioning. So the closed room and too wet will be a good condition for the development of viruses and bacteria.

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Headphones – hazardous to your health?

Bike-HeadphonesFlorida police called it an accident waiting to happen: two teenagers riding bikes and a vehicle weaving back and forth between lanes.

One of the young women heard the car tires screech as the driver lost control. She was able to move to safety, sparing herself serious injury. The other teenager never heard anything – her headphones were the reason. The impact killed her instantly.

You won’t see “Killer Headphones” in the newspaper headlines, but medical and safety experts agree: Headphones can be hazardous to your health.

Rachel found that out. A high school senior, Rachel took up jogging to stay in shape. One day she returned from running and noticed a ringing in her ears. The ringing disappeared after a few hours, but Rachel decided to check it out with her family doctor.

It turned out that when Rachel’s feet were pounding the pavement, her headphones were pounding hard rock into her ears. The music damaged the nerve endings in her ears and caused the ringing sensation called tinnitis.

Damaging Decibels

Hearing is a fascinating – though complex – phenomenon. Sounds enter your outer ear and strike the eardrum, then progress into the inner ear, where hairlike nerves start to vibrate. This vibration triggers the auditory nerve, which transmits a message to the brain. The message is what you interpret as sound.

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Why my kitchen rules?


What I learned while renovating the most important room in my house.

THERE are a few people I’d like to thank for my beautiful new kitchen:

One: the husband, who did all the grunt work while his wife sat back writing an appliance wish list.

Two: my foodie friends, the ones who actually cook and know the difference between an electric citrus juicer and a lemon.

And three: the celebrity chefs whose blasted kitchen ads turned out to be – oh, never thought I would say this – true.

There are myriad ways you can tackle the trial and expense of renovating your kitchen, that is, once you’ve decided against taking the path of lesser resistance by walking the Kokoda Track instead.

Having survived the experience, however, I reckon the biggest lesson is one that applies no matter the circumstances: “Who?” is an easier question to answer than “What?”

“What” is the Gordian knot of kitchen design. What your new kitchen will look like, and what appliances you will buy at what cost, is the sum of a thousand different, interrelated, highly emotive and effectively irreversible decisions you will be making under pressure and with presumably no previous understanding of kitchen Esperanto (more on that later). Is it any wonder so many throw the Home Beautiful mags away and hand the Gordian knot over to Bunnings?

So unless you are a dab hand at designing your kitchen on Google SketchUp, know that answering “who” might not take the knot away but will make it easier to untangle.

The first “who” is the person who uses the kitchen the most, because only they know what they can and can’t live without.

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How to Choose the Right Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers are incredibly useful tools when it comes to either hard to reach areas, or when you have to paint a large surface. They offer a fine finish, and paint very quickly, especially if you are using the right paint type for your paint sprayer. There’s a multitude of sprayer types, and, to choose the best paint sprayer for you, you must find out a few things:

  1. Type of paint/stain – some paint sprayers can’t use certain paints: e.g. a HVLP paint sprayer can’t handle thick latex paint
  2. The size of a surface – paint sprayers range from cup sprayers that are the cheapest and are used on small projects to normal air sprayers that are used for larger projects as they create overspray.
  3. Volume – there is no use wasting your money on a huge sprayer when all you have to paint is a doorknob. Same goes for the reverse – it will be tedious to paint a side of a house with a cup sprayer. Consider how much paint you are going to use up before you buy a paint sprayer.
  4. Last but not least, the budget – you can expect the cheapest budgetmodels to clog up, and the expensive ones to output a lot of power. With that said, you have to understand that if you are going to use the paint sprayer once a year to paint a small surface, you don’t need the most expensive unit, but if you paint often, the cheap units clogging up will waste a lot of your time, and may not be worth the money you saved.

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Sleeping on air install a Select Comfort mattress for a good night’s rest. (Do-it-Yourself)

There’s nothing more restful than sleeping on a mattress that’s just the right firmness for you, but the mattress that comes standard in your RV is often not as firm or as soft as you may want. That was the case with the mattress in our new trailer, so it wasn’t long before we replaced it with a Select Comfort air mattress, which can be adjusted to any firmness.

Select Comfort Air Mattress

A Select Comfort mattress is not your father’s air mattress. It looks like any other luxury mattress, and the pressure is adjustable simply by pressing the buttons on the remote control. We opted for the dual-chamber model because each side of the bed can be adjusted for pressure independently of the other side.

An air mattress has two other benefits for RVers. First, it weighs much less than a conventional mattress, and second, that lighter weight makes it easier to lift the bed platform for access to the underbed storage area.

Installing the mattress

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